The Rich Jerk 2015

A review of the Rich Jerk 2015 version

The Rich Jerk is a premium training course that was created by Kelly Felix and enables one to replicate six and seven figure practices and become a successful internet marketer. Additionally, the course consists of brilliant and successful internet marketers sharing their stories for their techniques for the first time. In a nutshell, the Rich Jerk is about what it takes to be successful in internet marketing and not exactly copying what other internet marketers did to be successful.


Rich Jerk 2015 version is an upgrade of the 2005 version which was also successful, but a lot of changes have been experienced in 2015 version to incorporate the current trends such as social media marketing like Facebook. Below is a summary of what Rich Jerk contains in its content.
Section 1: Website and SEO Training

Understanding SEO fundamentals is equally a vital internet marketing tool for you to be successful and profitable in Rich Jerk website model. Besides social media such as Facebook or video streaming site such as YouTube, the search engine is where your website will most likely be found. The SEO training is easy for those who have no previous experience, user-friendly as well and it also 100 percent legit. Additionally, this section consists of five videos and PDF modules. They include:
1.    Introduction and Niche Research
2.    Choosing profitable affiliate offers
3.    Simple website setup process
4.    Link building
Rich Jerk recommends anyone with earnings of $10000 and above in internet marketing to skip to part 4. Rich Jerk shares live case studies of two websites with over six figures and showcase their practices and websites. The knowledge that you will deduce from these practices is what is important, and its usage and application is what will make the trainees be successful.


Section 2: Facebook Marketing
Facebook, the most popular social media has equally provided an excellent marketing platform that has been successful to many internet marketers. Rich Jerk showcases the exact practices and formula to undertake in becoming a successful Facebook internet marketer. This section contains everything that a trainee requires from beginners level to an extensive professional level. The section has the following training modules, and they include:
1.    Intro and core concepts
2.    Facebook Ad Targeting
3.    Molding the perfect buyer
4.    Attractive landing pages that are capable of creating quick buyers
5.    Most profitable offers
6.    Cloaking and more
7.    Tying everything together (with additional 2-hour training video bonus that showcases everything at one sitting)


Section 3: Launch Jacking
This is a section that provides an outline that is used by Pyong Kim, an affiliate marketing which is successful and earns seven figures without the use of e-mail list. Launching a product successfully without the e-mail list is not easy; over 90 percent of successful products launches actually use e-mail lists. Rich Jerk achieves the high sales of product launches without the use of e-mail lists by utilizing multiple traffic sources that are either overlooked or misused by internet marketers and not necessarily because of high ranking content in Google.
Rich Jerk clearly showcases these techniques from a seven-figure internet marketer perspective which makes it easy for trainees to get a firsthand informative technique to do it best. In a summary, Launch Jacking section entails:
•    Creation of a simple website that a learner with no experience can achieve.
•    Exclusive and detailed teaching by Rich Jerk of launch jacking which is not only an effective but also one of the most popular affiliate marketing model today.
•    Case studies that outline their competitive advantage in action and how it successfully placed top five leaderboards for major product launches for Dan Kennedy, Eben Pagan and Brendon Burchard.
This section contains the following table of contents:
1.    Introduction
2.    Leaderboard proof
3.    Picking the right domain
4.    Finding products to launch jack part 1
5.    Finding product to launch jack part 2
6.    Picking the right product
7.    Installing WordPress part 1
8.    Installing WordPress part 2
9.    WordPress Themes & Plugins
10.    Outsourcing content
11.    Outsourcing backlinks
12.    Live link buying example
13.    Do-it-yourself(free) backlinks
14.    Re-targeting campaigns
15.    Facebook Ads
16.    Website optimization
17.    Launch Jacking Site examples (from successful seven-figure marketer)


Section 4: Everything Else (Bonus section)
The last section of the Rich Jerk is the Bonus section of the product. The section also consists of guest appearances by successful online marketers who only appear because of Rich Jerk influence. Some of the guests are making as much as $10 million and others are multi-millionaires as well. Additionally, you will also gain knowledge and insights on how to build an e-mail list with highly-potential and hungry buyers who are always willing to seize every buying opportunity to your latest offers. You can also benefit from highly profitable T-shirts campaigns that you can copy as well.
Below are the recommended techniques that can help you to be successful in internet marketing through with the help of Rich Jerk and they include:
•    Get a bi-weekly group coaching
•    Purchasing a Rich Jerk software that is a precious metals website builder
•    Purchasing another Rich Jerk SEO software that automates your SEO
•    The physical box that is received by every customer.
Pros of the Rich Jerk 2015 version:
•    It is capable of earning back the initial cost within a time frame of three days
•    No personal selling or telemarketing is required
•    Has bonus video instruction that is easy to understand
•    Is infinitely scalable, one can start small and make a six to seven figure annual income
Cons of the Rich Jerk 2015 version
•    Price is flexible and subject to increase and can cost more than it is stated
•    The stated price tag of over $200 may not be easy to raise for many jobless and interested trainees. However you can pay over three payments by clicking here.
•    The successful of the program depends entirely on your learned knowledge Kelly Felix will not perform that job for you besides the training.
The success of internet marketing through the Rich Jerk exclusively depends on commitment and techniques which when followed keenly can help you make more money through online.